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Guaranteed Efficacy

PhoneSoap MED actively monitors the UV output of each lamp to maintain maximum efficacy and low maintenance cost.

Know When It’s Clean

A backlit indicator informs you when cleaning is done, or when product needs service.


PhoneSoap MED provides control of the back-end system so you can make better decisions.

Flexible Deployment

PhoneSoap MED can be mounted to a wall, tabletop, or wheeled surface.

Focusing on what matters most.

The PhoneSoap Med+ inactivates microorganisms in 30 seconds using UV light. It is a "smart" device as well, keeping track of what was disinfected and when, and can generate reports. While germicidal wipes can sanitize your phone or other items, using them can void the warranty on electronics, and due to irregular surfaces, differences in wipes, and human error, the wiping process is not consistently effective every time

The solution to a growing problem.

In a 2017 survey, 1125 Infection Prevention professionals were asked about their current infection prevention processes and policies around sanitizing hand held electronics. 48% responded that they had no hospital policy or protocol for cleaning hand held electronic devices. And over 60% did not currently have any products or solutions to sanitize their devices.

PhoneSoap Med+ solves both these problems. We provide a simple, affordable and always effective protocol to disinfect multiple devices and products. Further, PhoneSoap Med+ has a backend built around compliance. We track what devices are cleaned when, so you can ensure your patients and professionals are protected.

  • Our goal is to bring a simple and effective solution
    to the spread of harmful bacteria
    both in home and hospitals.


Operation is Safe and Easy.

To open, wave hand above device.

Place your device inside so it rests on the glass

To close, wave hand above device

The display indicats your device is being disinfected

PhoneSoap will open once your device is disinfected

To close, wave hand above device

  • Dimensions

    Disinfection space is large enough for tablets, cell phones, key cards, mobile communicators and more.

    Interior dimensions 11.125L x 1.75W x 7.5H"

    Exterior dimensions 15.5L x 4.5W x 12H"

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